"Manusia akan mati bila-bila masa,tetapi TULISAN boleh kekal selama mungkin..
Tulislah perkataan yang boleh menyebabkan kita GEMBIRA di akhirat kelak.."

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Heart Attack

close enough

There's this girl in my coursemate that I really 

really like, but it's just impossible that she would 

want to be with me. We are people from entirely 

different worlds, I'm from one world and she's 

from another world far away from mine. I've liked 

her since 3rd semester, and I've been loving and

loving her till now, and it's been a year or more, 

probably two years. I've been crying over her at 

nights, dreaming about her regularly - I dreamed 

about her last night, even. I just love her so much. 

Now a boy in my class in school confessed to me 

that he liked her too, but I'm really sure that I love 

her more. I've thinking in bed and on the floor 

loads of times. I even lay in the middle of my living 

room floor and started thinking for hour.

To be continued...

xoxo A